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What is family mediation?

Mediation helps separating couples work out solutions relating to financial issues or relating to children. Mediators are impartial solicitors or Social Scientists (they cannot act directly for you) who have combined many years of Family Law experience with intensive training in mediation skills. This combination of practical experience and legal knowledge, together with a sympathetic approach makes Mediators ideally equipped to deal with all issues which might arise.

You are in control of the process, which often can be much less stressful and expensive that negotiating through solicitors or going to Court, and the most important thing to remember is that clients ultimately decide the outcome.

Some courts and tribunals may order you to try mediation before taking the matter to trial. Otherwise it is voluntary. This means you cannot force the other party to mediate - they have to agree. If you choose to mediate and an agreement is not reached, you can still go to court.

It is often faster and less expensive than other processes such as litigation. It can result in decisions that the couple feel happier with and are more likely to comply with. It is quicker and easier to go to mediation than to court. This means you can use mediation at an early stage in the dispute, before a lot of legal costs have been incurred and both sides have become entrenched in their positions.

Many of the outcomes reached at mediation cannot be made by a court. For example, a court can only interpret what a contract means. It can't help you renegotiate the contract if both parties decide that is necessary. This means you can provide for commercial considerations and end up with better outcomes for you.

Parker Family Law will connect you with experienced mediators, skilled in assisting couples to reach mutually satisfying agreements. Mediations can take place over a number of weeks with one two-hour session per week, or mediations may be conducted over a full or half day, whichever is convenient to the parties.

Let our small yet dedicated team of family law experts and experienced support staff focus on providing you with practical solutions at an affordable price. We will use our extensive experience and expertise to get you the best results.

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