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Working with you - results that matter

To create results that matter, we work closely with you to identify the key issues and concerns you face and help identify what really matters to you. We will ensure that you understand our advice, the options available to you and the costs that you can expect at all stages of your matter.

At the end of our initial meeting with you which is designed to get information about your situation, we will endeavour to map out the different approaches that can be taken and the pros and cons of each. This will include an evaluation of what you may be entitled to. You can then make an informed choice about the actions you want us to take on your behalf, including negotiations with the other party, mediation and/or any court action, where necessary.

As things progress we keep you up to date and if your situation changes significantly, we take another look at the plan of action with you and revise it according to your instructions. We believe that mapping out a plan of action, keeping you informed as your matter progresses and staying clear about your instructions helps to reduce your stress and allows you to concentrate on looking after yourself and your family.

We embrace a holistic approach to dispute resolution - an approach that recognises that a number of options may be available to assist in resolving disputes, and that a variety of professionals may be able to assist - perhaps counselors, mediators, accountants, financial advisors etc. We can put you in touch with these other professionals. We encourage less adversarial methods of resolution where possible.

Let our small yet dedicated team of family law experts and experienced support staff focus on providing you with practical solutions at an affordable price. We will use our extensive experience and expertise to get you the best results.

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Parker Family Law is a specialist family law firm with a professional and dedicated approach to the practice of family law

We provide advice and representation in all areas of family law including separation, divorce, children and property issues.

Our lawyers practice exclusively in family law and are accredited by the Law Society of Queensland as specialists in family law

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