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At Parker Family Law our clients come first. Every client will receive the personal attention of a family law accredited specialist, determined to provide expert advice and representation at a realistic price. Our lawyers know the law and will provide you with the benefit of their knowledge and practical experience.

Communication is very important to us. We will guide you through your various options so that you are empowered to understand and manage your changing circumstances.

We recognise that separation is one of the most stressful situations faced in life, and the successful resolution of a family law dispute in a manner that provides for the parties and children to feel safe and secure and to maintain dignity and respect, is our aim. We understand that family law issues are very personal and parties can be very emotional and that it is important to provide advice and assistance which is professional but also supportive and practical.

We will ensure that you understand our advice, the options available to you and the costs that you can expect at all stages of your matter.

We embrace a holistic approach to dispute resolution - an approach that recognises that a number of options may be available to assist in resolving disputes, and that a variety of professionals may be able to assist - perhaps counsellors, mediators, accountants, financial advisors etc. We can put you in touch with these other professionals. We encourage less adversarial methods of resolution where possible.

For a better understanding of how the law applies to you and the different pathways you can take to resolve your matter contact us now to book an initial appointment.

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We welcome your phone call or e-mail enquiry. You have taken the first step forward; let us guide you with our specialised advice and expertise. Call us now on (07) 3283 3377.

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Parker Family Law is a specialist family law firm with a professional and dedicated approach to the practice of family law

We provide advice and representation in all areas of family law including separation, divorce, children and property issues.

Our lawyers practice exclusively in family law and are accredited by the Law Society of Queensland as specialists in family law

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